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Can't seem to join any local parties. Tried by simultaneously firing up Mac OS / Windows machines, and with 2 Mac OS machines (all on the same WLAN), but seem to get only one of the player boxes filled. Any tips to get this to work?

Hey inc. Unfortunately multiplayer only works on the same machine. You can plug in up to 4 gamepads and join the game with your friends that way.

My high score is 535 it gets tough at around 200 or 300, very well made game! 11/10 IGN cats.

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Bump for gameplay footage.

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Pending edit and splitting into two videos, people would rather downrate then click their mouse it appears lol.


I'm enjoying this so far, and really do hope you continue to find time to expand this!
The menu tip "Have you listened to a recorder solo yet?" got me thinking. If you make special stages, Cr1t's recorder skills should be the music for a stage, or even just put a button on the menu tip that plays some of it :')

Sick work

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Fun fact: there's actually a 1% chance of that happening currently.

Fuck. Yes.
I'm gonna now play till this happens.

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The great Cr1tikal brought me here, but I gave it a shot and it's actually a fun and addictive little game. Great concept and back story too (though so sad D: ).

Also, as much as the dev(s) obviously hates Unity, the game ran out of the box on my Ubuntu Linux machine so I do appreciate that ;)

I like how when you start a game it just shows the restart screen


This sounds like something we should fix, can you give us any info on how to reproduce?

we may never know the human art of how to reproduce.


I'm running windows 10, I download the game, unzip using 7zip, place on desktop, I boot it up, every thing seems fine. I attempt to start a game and it goes to the restart screen with a score of zero. I have since re-downloaded a second time and it works fine

So, just a question, what's the Logy BIt folks' high scores? Mine's 817.

Bit Pit is pretty great right now, but I'd totally like to see more done with this. ("Boss" fights, perhaps? Rapid-drop mode? Extra-hazardous mode?)


Kaya: 1568

Pinar: 478

Charlie: 872

Looks like you beat one of our scores! Which is unfortunate because now we have to assassinate you...

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Well, I just beat myself with 1128.

I'm guessing that means you're gonna hire two assassins now?

Also, I'm just guessing with this, but I think the points multiplier is tied to the amount of blocks dropped. (At 10, it's x2, at 100, it's x3, etc.) It could be time, though, I'm not sure...

...okay, I just got 1700 points. I think I might just go to Burger King, get one of the kids' meals with the paper crown, take a permanent marker, write "PIT BOSS" on it, open up a casino, and use the money I get from it to buy a kevlar helmet and bulletproof vest. And maybe bulletproof pants, too.

Also, one of my favorite things about this game is just... that start-of-game sound. It's one of the most downright cool sounds to signify the start of a game.

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Well holy shit, that is impressive. I have to beat you soon or I'll lose my own life. Also IIRC the multiplier is tied to the number of digits in seconds passed. Seconds 1-9 is x1. 10-99 is x2. 100-999 is x3 etc.

Just beat two devs with 1329

Hey @logy bit is there a way to do multiplayer Via hamachi? for those who can't go across the country to play this with their friends?


Deleted a few comments because they were getting off topic, sorry about that.

Nice game! What font did you use?

Hi. The game is absolutely amazing. It's addictive and the gameplay is simple, yet appealing, at least to me, since I love arcade games. I want to get the soundtrack, tho, where can I find it, and can I download it?

Hey Bluetech,

We used royalty free music composed by Daniel Gooding. I'm not sure if there is a way for you to download these tracks directly though. His website seems a bit out of date.

What language was this created with?

C#, using the Unity engine. We do not recommend it.

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This game is perfect. Good luck my friend. so Good story game me to best game in this year. I would love to see them add a story mode to this, where some sort of story plays out without stopping gameplay, and not just resorting to plain text.


Quick look at, love it. Greenlight? :). I'll be playing this co-op tomorrow. Sub for more indies.

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It's still a little buggy, isn't it? Sometimes I can jump two blocks high, sometimes I can't. I tested it a little:

It seems to depend on VSync and the resolution. With VSync off and at a lower resolution the jumping works correctly; with high resolution I can sometimes stand on walls or even glitch through blocks. It's probably partly because my 2006 laptop is pretty weak, but it's never affected the correct working of basic movement so far.

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What happens is that most games nowadays do their computations based on a timestep that's tied directly to framerate. Here's a good thread about this. The tl;dr is that lower framerates don't just mean choppier visuals, but also choppier calculations. This can affect everything from physics to input. That's why games that run at 60fps invariably feel more responsive than at 30fps. With a lower resolution you get a higher framerate, meaning more accurate calculations, and thus more accurate movement.

I don't have paypal but want to support the game. Any other payment methods?

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I believe PayPal lets you check out with a credit card even without an account, but I may be mistaken. Support doesn't have to be monetary though. Another way would be to just share our game. And thank you :)

Ah, thanks. Love the game so far.

does the game have online multiplayer?

Only 1-4 players local, sorry. But if we ever turn this into a full game, online multiplayer is one of many features it'll have.

this game looks awesome ! You should bring it to consoles if you ever get the opportunity


I think this little indy game was the last push I needed into becoming an indy dev. Thank you Cr1TiKal for once again having a huge influence on my life!

We're happy to hear that! Wish you the best of luck :)


I would love to see them add a story mode to this, where some sort of story plays out without stopping gameplay, and not just resorting to plain text. Maybe you find NPCs along the way and they jump around with you for a while before dying, they don't have to talk either maybe just act something out through simple animations? if you could achieve something close to the feeling of the companion cube levels gave, that would be amazing. Wouldn't have to be much of a story, but I don't think I have see something like that done before. It would add more needed life and personality to a very fun, and challenging but repetitive and basic game.

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Hoh, don't worry. Be it this game or the next, we got many more complaints ready to fire at that shoddy engine.


This is great! would you ever consider putting it up on Steam Greenlight?

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This is fun as hell. I would love some eventual boss battles in this, maybe powerups too. Donated $1, would definitely buy on steam.


What do you think of releasing the game under a FOSS licence such as the GPLv3? I'd happily pay money for a GPL'd game of this quality, and you wouldn't lose anything, as the game is currently "name your price", so there would be no lost sales.

Came to this because I watched/listened to the fantastic narration by Cr1tikal.

Gonna play this after my final this afternoon!


Good luck on your finals :)

The protagonist is fat, so i am... 10/10

Jokes aside, this game is addictive, and really good. I would love to see a versus mode.

This is quite addictive! I had lots of fun playing it. What's the lowest score I can get to avoid the taunts, though? Those almost put me off.

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Hey phyrebot, we're really glad you like it :)

Sorry about the taunts though, it has been mentioned to us by others as well, so we'll probably adjust them a little. Currently you need 750+ points to get remarks that aren't as mean as the rest.

Edit: Updated score remarks.

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